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    What are the reasons for customers to choose Konelux concrete pumps?

    Concrete pump is the main equipment for pumping concrete. It has many uses, corrosion resistance and wear resistance. It can use acid and alkali raw materials. At the same time, the concrete pump developed by Koneile shows its advantages and is more popular than ordinary concrete pumps.

    In order to make better use of the Koneile concrete pump, it cannot be treated by the general method of maintaining the concrete pump. In order to make the mortar pump of the concrete pump have a longer service life, it is necessary to know the detection method of the concrete pump in advance.

    First of all, to understand the daily maintenance of concrete pumps. When working normally, it should be inspected at any time, regularly maintained, and cleaned in time. In the key parts of the concrete pump, it is necessary to pay attention to the injection of lubricant for lubrication. Some welds should be strengthened at any time, check whether the hydraulic oil is sufficient, whether it is necessary to add hydraulic oil, etc.

    The inspection of the concrete pump should be carried out before and after use. Equipment failures such as checking hydraulic components and repairing in time are not allowed. In particular, when oil leakage occurs, investigate all possible causes, such as concrete pump safety valves, hydraulic pipes, hoses, etc., of course, including connecting parts and cylinders. If abrasion and cracks are found, they should be treated in time. The concrete pump safety valve should also be inspected for leaks or deformations at the cylinder inlet. The basic standard is to ensure its integrity and robustness. The solution is to replace the damaged pipe immediately. Not only check the pipes, but also check the lubricant. First of all, make sure that the grease inside is clean enough at all times and that all joints are leaking. The inspection should be checked at any time. If there is any problem, stop the operation immediately.


    Post time: Apr-28-2019
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